I think you’ll agree with me when I say:

It’s REALLY hard to get hordes of traffic into your website.

The most important reason why SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is necessary is because it makes your website more useful for both users and search engines, although the latter are more sophisticated every day, they can not yet see a web page like humans. SEO is needed to help search engines understand what each page is about and whether or not it is useful to users.

Now let’s take an example to clarify things:

Let’s say we have an electronic commerce dedicated to the sale of children’s books, well, for the term “coloring pictures” suppose there were about 673,000 searches per month, assuming that the first result that appears after doing a search in Google gets 22% of clicks (CTR = 22%), we would get about 148,000 visits per month.

Now, how much are these 148,000 visits worth? Well if for that term the average cost per click is $0.20, we are talking about more than $29,000 a month. This only in one country. If we have a business oriented to several countries, every hour we perform 1.4 trillion searches in the world. Of those searches, 70% of the clicks are in organic results and 75% of those users do not reach the second page. If we consider all this, we see that there are many clicks per month for the first result.

SEO is the best way for your users to find you through searches in which your website is relevant. These users are looking for what you offer and the best way to reach them is through a search engine.