Web traffic is the amount of information that users or readers of web portals or social networks send and receive in them. In other words, web traffic refers to the data generated by visitors to an online site; such as the number of visitors, comments and even the amount of “likes” received


Web traffic is innovating given the boom in Technologies of Information and Communication (TICs), and the use of Digital Marketing as comScore says in their latest online studies.

Innovations in web traffic are based on the ability of the creator of the blog or website to measure how many people visit your site, regardless of whether they make comments or any criticism about the content of the site. The results of the web traffic analysis determine the commercial strategy that the blogger or the company will follow in the future because they will know which content is most liked and which not, leading to possible changes in the content of the page, as well as its aesthetic attributes.

Another relevant aspect of web traffic in digital marketing is that many companies use different tools to analyze the web traffic of the competition, which allows to determine the errors that this could be committed to engage their readers or potential consumers, as well as The positive attributes of your positioning strategy to compare with your own.




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