Free Traffic needs a lot of effort. It is not actually “free” because you have to put time and effort in it and it is not instant traffic as the paid alternative.

The methods to generate free traffic explained in the video are:

  1. YouTube SEO
  1. Twitter
  1. FB Group Posting

Join 10 groups, go into these 10 groups every single day. It is important not to spam, answer questions in detail and give value.

  1. Instagram

Follow 100 people a day and some of them will follow you back. There is no excuses to start a business. You can even start without any money.

  1. Reddit

If you want better exposure you will need a paid Reddit account. But actually you do not pay a subscription. There are people at Fiverr who, for 6 bucks will put your articles on their Reddit accounts. That will do.

  1. Forums

Sing up in a forum related to your niche. Provide much value as possible. They will let you add your signature with a link to your website. Some will allow that some don’t, but most will let you do that. You can make a few thousands dollars a month just by posting every single day on different forums and engaging people


Check out this video to learn more about these methods to get free traffic to your website