Surely you have lately seen the name Elon Musk often in the press, on blogs on the Internet, or even mentioned in the news on the radio or TV. Musk is now known, above all, for being the CEO of Tesla Motors, the pioneering company in electric cars and in autonomous driving. But what is behind this entrepreneur of only 45 years old? His personal history has fascinating details that are worth knowing a bit more.

Elon Musk was born in Pretoria, South Africa, and has Canadian and American nationality. As a child, at school, he often suffered bullying, but he was able to overcome these problems. At only 10 years old he became interested in computer science, and at 12 he already knew how to program. In fact, he even created a video game called Blastar that he sold to a magazine in the industry for about $500. They were his first steps as an entrepreneur.

At age 18 Elon Musk moved to Canada, where he started higher education and later graduated in Physics at the University of Pennsylvania. Shortly after he began a doctorate but left after only two days, to continue his aspirations as a researcher and entrepreneur in areas such as the Internet, renewable energy and space exploration.

He also owns PayPal, a great company that helped a lot to many entrepreneurs and companies to receive and give payments.

In the following video, Elon speaks great motivational words and let us learn a little more about entrepreneurship.