The advantages of the sales funnel

Generating a sales funnel which is well structured, is the basis to get a higher percentage of conversion from anonymous users to leads (database records) and finally convert them into actual customers to a company.

In addition, the accompaniment of a user during this process, which leads to the final purchase, provides other benefits:

The lead that will eventually reach the sales team will be very matured and prepared for the purchase, so the chances of ending the sale will be higher.

This process is often automated, so that more sales are achieved with less effort, less resources and less costs.

A constant flow of new potential customers is achieved, which, in an important percentage, will end up the transaction.

A well structured sales funnel is composed basically of:

  1. Squeeze Page
  2. Content Page
  3. Sales Page
  4. Checkout Page
  5. Up-sells
  6. Members Area

Are you struggling about how to make a well structured sales funnel? This short video explains all of the key concepts of how to structure a great sales funnel: