The Importance Of Having A Good Mentor

Over the years I have learned that the online business is a very complex task

You have two options:

1- Undertake on your own

In this case the task becomes even more difficult, uphill so to speak. The effort that you are going to make is much greater, you will need to invest a greater amount of time and money as you will have to chart your own course based on trial and error. If you are a person who are not afraid to stumble and fall, but surely you’re not going to remain dropped. If you have enough capital to invest and you fear not to lose.

If you think you have enough time to test until you find the right route, go on … you can choose this path.I tried several times since I dedicated myself to this Internet Marketing stuff, make money online, working from home, etc. Never achieved. When it seemed I had found the right path and going to succeed, they changed the rules of the game and had lost a lot of time and money.

2- Find the help of a mentor to show you how to do things

After having chosen the first option, having invested so much money and spent thousands of dollars-and many hours of hard work in the process-, I proved the hard way that the issue was too complicated to try everything for myself that was what worked and what does not. Then I decided to try the second option: find a mentor. I also noticed that either was not an easy road, because at first glance you cannot not know what mentor is good.

Besides, there are so many mentors and new are born every day. In this case, I also had to spend a lot of time and money to work with some mentors until I managed to find the right one. It happened that all called themselves as gurus offered something similar: I am going to help you, I give you all kind of guarantees, I will make you help to become rich, etc. They all introduced themselves as true winners.

Choosing the ideal mentor.

Like I said, trying to pick a mentor also had to invest large amounts of time and money. This time is not to discover what works and what does not; now the problem is discovering what mentor does and who does not. Most of them usually charge you just for trying them. They make you buy their products or programs, they invite you to join to the affiliate company on which they are subscribed to, etc.
When you go to choose your ideal mentor you must ensure that the candidate must do at least the following (I came up with this list after choosing many mentors, most of which did not help me at all).

Anatomy of a great mentor.

Generally a great mentor is someone who:

  • – Give value to the community for free. A true mentor is someone who is not afraid to teach what he knows.
  • – Must be willing to help disinterested and genuinely.
  • – Is able to make money for himself, but not selling the material or program they offer. Most mentors I’ve known get rich selling their programs that supposedly will teach you how to get rich, but not to implement what they teach in those programs –it is quite contradictory, isn’t it? –
  • – Here’s a secret that I share you to minimize the risk of finding the wrong mentor: Say you find a potential mentor. Subscribe to their list. Many of them are going to send you free information because that info is set on their autoresponders. Wait about ten days. If after that time you see this mentor bombards you with emails asking you to buy one product, then another product and another … or he recommends you another mentor’s product, etc. That is to say every email they send you is to try to sell you something. The desperation to sell smells leagues away. If you find mentors of this type, stay away from them. All they want is to take the first chance to sell you something…
  • – A true mentor is NEVER going to offer you something they haven’t tried for themselves and are using indeed.
  • – Many mentors only repeat what have listened from others. A true mentor first test the product he offers again and again, check out if what he preaches work and then offer it to his followers. It is not just to make a commission.
  • – Others make a pitch, send you the videos and in each video they repeat again and again that you buy the course they are promoting … press you giving reasons why you should buy the course they are pitching. The desperation to sell smells here too. Bad signal. Stay away immediately!
  • – I’ve known mentors selling a course after another … I wonder if with the time it takes to create all these courses they have time to test what they teach in those courses.
  • – Other mentors bombard me with emails promoting other mentors’ courses almost daily. The question here is again: promoting so many courses, would they have used at least one of those courses? Do they have tried to see if they work? Why do they sell courses from other gurus if they already have sold their own courses which were supposed to teach you everything you need to know to succeed?

Another mistake I have made is to buy a membership from an affiliate program, buy their expensive courses, and running out of the money needed to promote the program later. Be careful not to make that mistake. Luckily, there are great products that you can promote and earn a commission without even having to buy them in the first place. Yeah, it sounds weird, but ClickFunnels is one of those great products. Sign up their affiliate program and start promoting.

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