Many people ask if they can use a web tool or app to calculate the true ROI of their Social Media campaigns, in the same way as they can use Google Analytics to determine the ROI of their AdWords campaigns.

There is no tool that allows you to raise a magic wand and calculate your Social Media ROI. Basically, you have to understand that Social Media is another marketing and communication channel, although it has its own characteristics that make it different from other channels.

Fortunately, there is indeed a way of integration between Oktopost and Marketo. This integration allows us to sync our social media lead information with Marketo. With this integration in place, we can get some new insights into our social marketing effort:

1. Top Converting Posts

Now, when we look at Oktopost analytics, we’re able to see all URLs that drove conversions for us. We define a conversion as any form fills on a gated landing page (i.e. to download an e-book, register for a webinar, request pricing information, sign up for a product trial).

2. Number of Marketing Qualified Leads Attributed to Organic Social Media

With this integration in place, we’re able to see that new leads are coming from social media. We can run a report in Marketo that tells us the exact number of marketing qualified leads have been generated as a result of social media engagement in a given time frame.

3. Understand how individuals consume content

With this data, we are able to learn what content socially engaged leads like to consume on our website, and how that pattern may be similar or different from leads from other sources. From the Marketo report, we clicked on a few leads, navigated back to Oktopost to see the lead’s Social Activity. Here, we could see what social actions were taken and what conversions occurred.

Check this out for a complete information about this integration and how it can help you to get better feedback for your social efforts in your business.