Do you want to get qualified traffic to your website to promote your products or services?

There are basically two ways to do that: one is investing your money and the other investing your time. None of them is better or worse than the other, they are simply different techniques. The first technique works for some people; for others, the second one works.

Let’s see how to use each one:

1. Investing Your Money

Invest your money

This technique of sending qualified traffic to your website, also called “Pay Per Click or PPC”, consists in creating campaigns in different media, such as “AdWords”, “Bing Ads”, “Facebook Ads”, “YouTube Ads” and “Solo Ads”. There are other means, but these are the most used. The advantage of using this technique is that you can have the results of your campaigns almost immediately. For example, on Facebook, the ads results can tell if your campaign is going to be successful in about three days.

The disadvantage of this technique is that it can be very expensive at first. Especially if you do not have much experience in creating this type of campaigns, and, in addition, the learning curve is quite hard. That’s why I recommend you to focus on only one of these forms at first, until you have dominated it.

You must monitor your campaigns periodically to discard those that do not report benefits and keep the ones that are successful. This way you will avoid throwing your money down the drain.

In summary, let me show you the advantages and disadvantages of this technique:


  • You can get results almost immediately.
  • You can pause unsuccessful campaigns at any time and leave running those that are successful.


  • The learning curve is quite pronounced and you can waste a lot of money in the process.
  • You need a good amount of money to invest until you discover which campaign is successful and which is not.

2. Investing Your Time

Invest your time

Have you heard of the term SEO or Search Engine Optimization? That’s what this technique is about. Let’s dive into this concept:

How SEO Works?

SEO is the process of improving the visibility of a website in the results of search engines such as Google or Bing. Generally, the higher is a website in the list of search results page, the more visitors you will receive from the people who performed that search, and the more options you have to win a client.

SEO considers the operation of search engines, what users are looking for, the keyword or keywords they use to perform a search on search engines, and uses this information to optimize a website by editing its content and the HTML code to increase its relevance to specific keywords and have the pages indexed in search engines.

There are those who say that this way of sending traffic is “free”, since you do not need to invest your money in creating campaigns. I do not think it’s really free, because you need to invest your time creating articles and your time invested is worth a lot of money, right?

This technique is my favorite to bring qualified traffic to my website. Although many people do not like this technique, mainly due to the misinformation that exists everywhere on the Internet, and due to many “gurus” out there say: it is supposedly that this technique takes a long time to index your content and get traffic. Another myth that they sell as true is that you are at the expense of Google changing its search algorithm and all your work goes to trash.

I think that the detractors of the SEO technique out there think that way, mainly because of ignorance on their part, or because they were simply sold that idea too.

In summary, the reason why some people think SEO is not good is because:

a) They have not learned how to do SEO in the right way

b) They do not know or have not experience doing SEO at all

The only reason why Google constantly changes its algorithms is to protect themselves from spammers, or what is called Black Hat SEO, or Black Hat SEO Techniques. If you learn how to do SEO in the right way, the changes that Google does in their algorithms does not have to affect you.

But I do not want you to misunderstand me: it is true that SEO takes a little more of your time, especially if we consider the time that will take you in writing articles for your blog so that your content is indexed correctly in the search engines. The good news is that it does not have to take months to index it -as they say around there – if you do it the right way.

Can You Do SEO Yourself?

Many times, people ask “can I do SEO on my own” or “Can I learn SEO on my own?” The answer to this question is absolutely YES. Not only it is something that you can, but it is something that you should. There are many articles all over the Internet and a lot of videos on YouTube, for free, that will teach you SEO lessons. But I must warn you that it is not the right question you should ask yourself. The correct question is “I can learn SEO on my own, in the correct way”. The real problem is having the ability to discern if what you are learning will actually benefit you or on the contrary, it will harm you.

I myself have spent hours and hours reading and watching videos of one “guru” after another. I have even bought several courses only to discover that not everything they teach out there is true and can be applied.

About SEO Services

There are many companies that provide SEO services and promise to bring qualified traffic to your website. You can even find cheap promotions in The problem of hiring these services is that you will never have the certainty that their practices are correct. Worst, you could even end up being penalized by Google. I’d better suggest that you stay away from them, at least until you learn how to do SEO yourself, only then you will be able to discern and know if such services are going to help you in the right way.

About SEO Tools

If you are reading this article it is very likely that you already have a blog or a website made in WordPress. If you still do not have it and you have no idea how to create one, do not worry. This tutorial will help you step by step.

Once you have your website up and working, you maybe are wondering what is the best SEO plugin WordPress or the best SEO tools. There are many plugins that help you create SEO content, but the one I like most, the one I recommend and use always is YOAST SEO Plugin, for a simple reason: it works! YOAST SEO helps you create content using the best SEO practices.

Let’s see the advantages and disadvantages of using the SEO technique:


  • Due to the people who come to your website are people who are already looking for something, your product, your service, or any affiliate program that you promote, these visitors are highly qualified and are already predisposed to buy.
  • If you do SEO in the right way, your content will generate results and attract customers even for many years after creating such content. I know people who still have clients after five years of having created their content.
  • You do not need to have a lot of initial capital to invest. If your limitation is money, which for most people is, this is the way that I recommend to go and will be convenient for you.


  • You need to dedicate time to create quality content for your blog or website
  • It will take you longer compared to the pay per click method, although as I have explained, it is not as long as some “gurus” say. If you do SEO in the right way, in a couple of months you will be getting positive results from your work.

A SEO Course That Actually Works. Guaranteed

Make Money Online With SEO

Of all the courses I’ve taken about SEO, and believe me I’ve taken many, the one that have really worked for me is SEO Affiliate Domination, by Greg Jeffries. In his course, Greg explains some techniques that I have never found in any other course. I know they work not only because I’ve tried them myself, but other people in the group. It works practically for any niche or business that you find. What I like most about Greg’s course is that his methods are not complicated. His way of simplifying the problem is impressive and that simplicity is precisely what makes SEO Affiliate domination so powerful.

Advantages of SEO Affiliate Domination

  • An easy course to follow. Simple but powerful. And just in that simplicity lies its power.
  • Exclusive access to the Facebook group where you can ask any questions you have and get the help you need
  • Weekly sessions with questions and answers conducted by the most outstanding students, including Greg Jeffries himself.
  • The knowledge you will learn can be applied in any niche or business you have, or even in the affiliate program of your choice. You have no idea what niche to choose? You will also have several ideas of the most profitable niches nowadays.
  • The methods taught in the course definitely work. Well, I’ve tried them myself and many people in the group.

Greg is the only person I know who will refund your initial investment once you learn to earn your money back. That is, if you invest $500 in the course, once you learn to earn $500, Greg will return the $500 you initially invested. In a short period of time you will have $1000 in your pocket! Note: of course, that will depend on your willingness to take action and apply what the course teaches you. I have not seen any guru giving you back your initial investment.

The reason why Greg does that is quite simple: many of the “gurus” out there get rich just by selling their courses, without even applying what they preach. Greg makes more money promoting other products through the methods he explains in his SEO Affiliate Domination course, than selling his course.

Only for Women: Due to the lack of female testimonials, Greg has decided to incentivize them to take action. So, on top of the normal guarantee that he will send people their investment back once they earn it back, He is going to give women an additional $100.

Not ready for the paid course? Try the free version of SEO Affiliate Domination. This is a small version but you will find very good information and action steps too