What is a Digital Product?

A Digital Product is a digital resource that allows you to collect and transmit your knowledge in different formats such as ebooks or online courses.

Benefits of Creating and Selling a Digital Product

*  It lets position yourself as a specialist in one or more topics. For example, if I have a Facebook Ads course, they will ask for related consultancies.

*  You can generate very good income if you create the digital product that your client needs and you know how to promote it properly.

*  You can automate the sale of digital products to generate passive income automatically.

*  It is one of the most effective methods to reach hundreds and thousands of professionals around the world.

*  It is ideal for sharing knowledge, there is nothing more effective than sharing your experiences with strangers and creating a link with them. Providing value and helping is the best motivation for any professional.

*  But above all because you will bring value.

Who Can Create a Digital Product?

Any professional or team of professionals who have experience in a field or subject and know how to effectively transmit their know-how.

How to Create a Powerful Facebook Sales Funnel to Sell Digital Products

Until now we have reviewed some benefits of creating a digital product, but how can we create a sales funnel to sell them? hotinsocialmedia.com explains:

1. Create an Irresistible Email Lead Magnet

The primary objective of a lead magnet is to lure your target audience into subscribing to your list.

The idea is simple.

You offer them a lead magnet (a free eBook, video course, email course etc.) in return for their email.

This appears simple enough.

But getting this step right is the key to maximizing your sales.

2. Create an Optimized Facebook News Feed Ad

When your lead magnet is ready, it’s time to take it to your target audience and pull subscribers to your list.

Facebook Desktop and Mobile News Feed ads are ideal for this.

For example, Digital Marketer created this ad to market their lead magnet

3. A Conversion Focused Email Autoresponder

The famous saying “money is in the list” still holds true.

There’s no better place to build and nurture an online relationship than your email list.

The objective of your lead magnet and Facebook ads was to attract relevant subscribers.

Now that you have them on your list, it’s time to send them a series of high-quality conversion-focused emails.

4. Create a Tripwire to Easily Convert Subscribers into Buyers

Your lead magnet should give your subscribers a good idea of the quality of your core product.

Your email auto-responder series should engage them even more and push them towards the purchase decision.

But this is where it gets hard.

Your core product is usually a high-priced item.

People hesitate to spend money directly on a high priced item.

It’s much easier to get them paying using a tripwire – a comparatively low priced item that offers a limited version of your high ticket product.

5. Offer Your High-Priced Product to Your Buyers

The moment a subscriber purchases your tripwire, redirect him to the landing page of your main high-priced product at a special one-time discounted rate.

This is the best time to pitch your main product because the buyer has just made a purchase and is already convinced about the value you’re offering.

So he’s much likelier to convert

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