There are several things to considerate on outranking a website. According to Brian Dean, these are the most important ones. Keep reading …

1. Get rid of pages on your site that do not provide any value.

These pages come in one of these categories:

– Old or outdated blog posts and press releases

– Ecommerce product pages with zero sales

– Thin content

– Pages with duplicate content

2. Clean up technical SEO issues.

The most common technical issues you should fix are:

– Duplicate or missing title tags

– Duplicate description tags

– Images with missing alt text

– Pages blocked by robots.txt

– 302 redirects that should be 301 redirects

Having less pages on your site also avoid having technical problems. So, the less pages, the less problems

3. Basic and Advanced On-Page Optimization.

Although fixing all pages is not practical, at least once you have your blog running, you need to focus on the most important ones. Every time I create a new post, I do my best to follow the most important SEO optimization points that tools like RankMath and Yoast plugins state.

4. Boost Organic Click-Through-Rate (CTR)

Google said that CTR is critical to rank pages: “Click-through data has proven to be a critical resource for improving search ranking quality”. The question is: how can we optimize for it? One way is to use specific numbers on titles. For some reason, just changing a title from “100+ job boards for job seekers and recruiters” to “10 best marketing job boards”

5. Improve Dwell Time

Dwell Time is the amount of time someone spends in your site. The longer your dwell time is, the higher your page will rank in Google. There are several ways to improve your dwell time:

– Push your content at the top of your post, so use small images at the beginning because if you use big images, they push your content down.

– Create sticky introductions. When someone comes to your website, the intro make him to stick around or click away

– Many people love videos, so if possible, use videos in your post. Just look for related videos in YouTube and embed them in your posts.

6. Improve Page Speed

Faster loading pages tend to outrank slow pages. So, making the page loads faster will definitely boost Google’s ranking.

One of the main factors that make your page slow is images. Try to decrease image sizes at min. there are many free tools on the web that let you reduce image sizes. You can even use plugins that help you.