Having coined the term Inbound Marketing, HubSpot are indeed the leaders of this methodology, to the point of offering free courses in its application. Surely, you’ve heard or read about this platform.

The really important thing is to know what HubSpot is and why its fame and its success.

HubSpot as a leader in the digital marketing industry

Inbound Marketing is based on a simple precept: content = leads = purchases. If you offer your prospects more than just advertising, then it is easier to hold their attention and turn that attention into shopping. The way in which HubSpot allows you to do that, in addition to a methodology, is through its software all in one. In order to carry out a strategy using Inbound Marketing, it is necessary to have a website, a Blog, a tool to create CTAs.

Now, with the integration of ClickFunnels to HubSpot, things are even easier for you. Here are some common uses between ClickFunnels and HubSpot:

1. Realtors Looking To Grow Their Business

If you’re a realtor who’s looking to grow your business, one of the key and most critical areas is acquiring leads. To do that, you fire up ClickFunnels to build a landing page for a “Free 30-Minute Home Inspection & Evaluation Consult” which you start marketing using Facebook Ads. Once you receive your first lead through your optin funnel, you then enter them into HubSpot and put them through an email sequence keeping your prospect engaged and excited about having you visit.

2. A Travel Booking Company Looking To Sell More Airfares and Hotels

Many travel booking companies offer specials and packages to their audience, only to struggle with selling them right and following up the right way. A travel booking company could begin to start a blog and write content surround travel to build up their SEO traffic from Google. Once people start landing on the page, they are able to display a ClickFunnels “ClickPop” offering a 10% off coupon for a package that they might be currently reading about. This exit intent allows the booking company to capture an otherwise lost lead, and then send them to HubSpot to handle the follow up.

3. An SEO Agency Looking For Small Business Clients

An SEO agency aims to acquire clients who can go on a retainer for $1,000-$5,000 per month and is looking to start serving more of them and acquiring leads. The SEO agency runs Google Ads to come up when looking for “austin SEO” and then they get sent to a ClickFunnels survey funnel. After completing the survey, they fill in a form to download a “8 Hacks To Local SEO That Gets Results In 2 Months” eBook.

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