It definitely exists. Not only it does exist, but it is more alive than ever. I am making a living using SEO strategies promoting other people’s products as an affiliate. And not only me, but many others in my group. The great advantages about SEO are:

1. It lets you get targeted traffic to your website in a natural way.

2. People comes to your website by SEO because they have already been looking for something they need, a product or a service, so, they are ready to buy.

3. The traffic that comes to your website through SEO is free, so, you do not need to spend a lot of money in ad campaigns. If you are in a budget, SEO is ideal to start with, and once you have made some decent money, you can switch to the next phase in your marketing, which is Paid Traffic.

4. When you send people to your website through paid traffic, as soon as you stop investing on ads, that traffic is gone. Using SEO, that won’t happen. You will keep receiving traffic for years, and again, not paying a dime for it. I have some websites that keep making sales after years, and even haven’t touched them.