Is there any issue you’re passionate about, which you would spend hours talking, but your friends are tired of listening to you? It is time to open a blog. Sign up for Blogger or WordPress and tell the world what you have to contribute, you will meet people with similar interests, which will start to follow you, and will be an interesting exercise in reflection and personal growth. Also, it will encourage you to learn more about what you like. Remember, the best way to learn something is trying to teach.

What if you could also make some bucks because of your passion? It won’t be easy, but monetize your audience is a good choice if you know how. If you have managed to create a website with some traffic, here are 5 ways to monetize that audience:

#1. Add Upsells to Current Products

Most decent online marketers make as much money on the back end as they do on the front end.

By that I mean, if they sell a $97 product, when a customer goes through the checkout process, they spend at least another $97 on other products before they complete their purchase.

When I first heard about this, I thought it was an unbelievable statistic.

However, we couldn’t ignore something that sounds so promising.

#2. Improve Your Checkout Page

The checkout page is a huge part of the sales funnel process, and is often forgotten or brushed off.  I remember 4 years ago reading a forum thread about the beta stage of Clickbank checkout page design. They allowed premier users (top earners) to customize the design of their checkout page from the default 1 style design. Users saw as much as 3x higher conversions by simply matching the header and background color to the one used on their sales page.

Checkout pages should have the following characteristics:

  • Sales copy reminding customers of exactly what they’re getting.
  • Branding that matches your main site.
  • Product image.
  • Clear instructions.
  • Satisfaction Guarantee.


#3. Add a PopUp Opt-in Box

Adding a PopUp to our websites was a great decision for our list building. Within the first 24 hours of promoting our free giveaway on the site, our subscriber rate increased by 524%

After seeing just how powerful it could be, we developed it into the first WordPress plugin of it’s kind. When we first released it, a lot of the top bloggers and gurus did not like it and even spoke publicly about not liking the plugin. In 2015, all of them have popups on their sites.

#4. Launch an Affiliate Program

Having an affiliate program has allowed us to do $x,xxx,xxx in sales with zero advertising budget.

Affiliate programs give you the ability to track and pay people on commission for selling your products. Take PopUp Domination as an example. We let customers promote our sales page with a special tracking link. If they convince someone to click the link and they end up buying from us, we give that person a cut of the money for bringing us the business. This is all handled effortlessly by our merchant.

This is a great, low risk way to drive traffic to your sales pages. You only have to pay for the traffic that converts.

#5. Setup Autoresponders

An autoresponder automatically sends emails to email subscribers that you have setup before hand. We use them for all of our mailing lists. When you subscribe, you will automatically recieve an email from us. Then again the next day and again two days later and so on, until all 30 emails have been sent. This means you can write a sales email today, then in the weeks to come when someone subscribes, they’ll get that email automatically, read it and hopefully buy whatever you are selling.

As far as we are concerned, the more autoresponder emails the better. We regularly look back over past emails we’ve sent to our lists, copy our most successful ones and add them to our autoresponder.

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