One of the best ways I know to make online advertising certainly is Facebook. Of course as with any advertising campaign we must know our target and be sure that they are mostly found in this social network.

The next part is to know how to make a good message, and the third is the Facebook advertising segmentation, which from my point of view, this is its main advantage over any other online advertising.

Here are 5 creative ways to improve your campaign performance:

1. Target Your Competitor’s Fans

Narrowing your target audience is the best way to get high quality results. Facebook allows advertisers to target the fans of specific brands as an interest target. If you have the same customer base as an existing brand, this is the way to go! This helps you to personalize your messages and engage your prospects better.


2. Make Use Of Your Cover Photo

Engage your fans and increase your reach by starting contests related to your cover photo. Take a look at Starbucks! They ask their fans to send in photos of themselves enjoying something from Starbucks, and feature the ‘fan of the week’ on their cover. This not only helps them promote their new products, but also nudges people to keep coming back to check who the winner is!


3. Choose An Eye Catching Image

Haven’t had a photoshoot for your products and services? No worries! Use the highest quality image available only – preferably relevant, to catch people’s eye and nudge them to read your ad. Since you can’t go beyond 20% text, the focus should be on getting attention in a beautiful and visual way.


4. Create A Custom Audience

It costs 10 times more to get a new customer than to keep an existing one happy. Identify your ‘special audience’ and upload a CSV file of your database to create a custom audience. This lets you target your ads at people who already know who you are and are more likely to convert, or remain loyal customers.


5. Use Video Content

Videos get the highest engagement on Facebook compared to all other media. Instead of opting for the usual image or text with a link, use video advertising. This will not just boost engagement, but increase the amount of time they spend on your brand’s content.


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Image source: Beth KanterBy: Beth Kanter