Advertising is not classified as good or bad. Advertising qualifies as effective or ineffective. And most advertising is ineffective.

An effective marketing message is one that people understand and generates the expected action from the audience. An effective message hasn’t got to do with being funny or use elaborate words. The effectiveness has to do with results, with generating an impact, one that consumers recognize what the brand wants to say and are interested in giving the next step (which may be purchase).

These are examples that meet the 5 components of an effective advertising message: they are clear, concise, focused, direct and credible, as good communication should be.

1-quosal#1) Creative

Quosal caught our eye with this custom illustration. The design and concept of the illustration worked really well for capturing the message of the campaign: learning the art of closing.



This lead generation campaign is focused on driving download of an ebook and collecting email addresses in the process. The copy makes it clear what you’ll be getting and leaves no room for confusion. The “download” call to action button was also a great choice for this campaign being that readers will need to download a copy of the eBook to read it.





#2) Creative

We are big fans of Digit and their automated savings app. They kept the creative in this campaign very clean and focused on showing an actual screenshot from their app, which is important for mobile publishers.


The copy in this campaign is mysterious and “magical,” which leaves the reader wanting to learn more. For some reason this campaign is missing a call to action button, but a “learn more” button would have worked great in here to match the copy.





#3) Creative

Dollar Shave Club really impressed us this week with this gorgeous creative. The beautiful wood backdrop draws the readers attention first to the product Dollar Shave Club is offering. The dull grey background with a familiar looking competing blade company was also a unique and creative approach.


Beautiful use of copy in the image itself, making the value add of the Dollar Shave Club offering very apparent. We also loved the concise and very clean headline and link description copy.





#4) Creative

This is an awesome example of capturing statistical information in a beautifully creative way. Bank of America did a great job meeting Facebook’s 20% text rule in images while also getting across the specific data point they want people to identify with.


There is a lot going on in the copy here including the use of page tagging and a hashtag. By promoting an article from VICE I think readers are more likely to click through knowing that they aren’t trying to be sold directly. The hashtag is most likely a campaign that Bank of America is working on right now. For larger brands this might work well, but it doesn’t make much sense for smaller brands and tends to look tacky. Be careful with hashtags in ad copy.





#5) Creative

The creative is really strange, but as you navigate to the copy of the ad it starts to make a lot of sense for this campaign. The entire point of a creative is to capture the reader’s attention. Once you have that attention their next logical move it to check out the copy, which would then resonate with the creative really well. Also in this case, Flo is the face of Progressive and very recognizable.


As we mentioned above the copy in this campaign flows nicely with the unique creative. The copy is also very direct and doesn’t try to be deceiving about what it is you’re actually clicking on.





#6) Creative

Jack Threads continues to impress us with another stunning campaign creative this week. High quality photography that is really well thought out and has fantastic lighting like this can be game changing for campaigns. While we understand that not every business can afford a professional photographer, I think this image captures the importance of having the highest quality images possible for your campaigns.


Jack Threads always has very clean and blunt copy which I can appreciate as a consumer in their target demographic. They get right to the point with what they are offering and do it in the least amount of words possible.





#7) Creative

This a great example of a tastefully branded lifestyle image. To match their summer sale, the beach image makes logical sense and is sure to capture attention in the News Feed. The placement and size of their logo fits within Facebook’s 20% text rule and also really stands out well with the deep sky blue in the background.


To match their beautiful creative, The New York Times is letting potential readers know that they are having a summer sale. The headline copy is simple and gives more details about the sale. Very clear call to action and a concise structure make this campaign’s copy a winner.





#8) Creative

The use of color here was spectacular. Traditionally advertisements on social media try and blend in with the rest of the news feed, hiding the fact that they are actually advertisements. This is different. It actually screams out it’s unique composition and catches the viewer’s focus. Whoever set up The Color Run deserves some applause for this.


The copy on this advertisement was also pretty good. Nowhere near as original or unique as the creative, however it gets the job done. We wanted to draw attention to the capitalization found on with one word in each sentence. There’s a parallel structure found here that provides value for the ad, even if it’s not immediately apparent.





#9) Creative

This was also something that stood out to us because of the creative which was used. You see the light from the phones illuminating both faces, but also displaying how they are separated from each other. The creative cleverly ties to the message from Hooked. There’s a ton of value in doing so!


Once again not something to write home about. This copy shows the reader what the actual purpose of the app is so that they know what they’re downloading. It doesn’t do a whole lot more than that, but then again it doesn’t need to. The creative takes care of everything.




#10) Creative

We liked how Hatchery Tasting Box laid out all of the different artisan ingredients and condiments. This layout is traditionally used for fashion, however they make it work here.


“Discover flavors you may never discover on your own” That’s the value add right there and this carefully crafted line delivers it with a punch. The text before that serves to add credibility build up so the final line can knock one out of the park.


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