Surely you have heard this phrase many times:

“The Money Is On The List.”

But … do you really know what it means for the success of your business?

Do you know that it is in this concept where the difference between a profitable business and another that is not relies?

Have you stopped for a moment to think that it can be the solution to create an Unlimited Flow of Customers for your business?


It is all of that and much much more.

But first of all … let me show you what the concept “The Money is on the List” means.

What does “The Money Is On The List” mean?

When I talk about “List” I mean your List of Emails.

But I am not referring to a list of Emails purchased from third parties or taken at random on pages of dubious reputation. I am referring to a List of Emails of people interested in your product or service and who have voluntarily subscribed to that list.

And I emphasize … voluntarily since on the other hand, you would be doing SPAM and that is an activity that in most of the countries is penalized with a fine.

So … we can say that your sales will come through the strategic use you make of that list of Emails.


But, how can we make people to sign up to our list voluntarily? Here are 10 different ways:

  1. Create compelling newsletters

Remarkable newsletters containing useful tips, tricks and hints will make your subscribers share it with their friends and colleagues who are not on your mailing list. Include social sharing buttons in your mail because it will give you access to new people who might be interested in your offering.


  1.  Give away pro plan to influencers

Having an influencer as a customer can drive thousands of sign up on your platform. Give away your entire product features to well respected bloggers and leaders. And in return just ask them to share an honest review about your product.


  1. Use Crowd Sourced Lead Generation Platforms

Platforms like help you streamline your lead generation process by spending less time searching for new leads, ultimately giving you more time to interact with your potential customers.


  1. Speak at various industry conferences and events

Speaking at business events will bring you qualified leads because as a speaker, audience assumes you to be an expert and if you are able to convince them with your talk, you will be able to easily find your prospects afterwards.


  1. Share your thoughts on Linkedin

Linkedin has opened up their publishing platform for all its users. So anyone who is on Linkedin can create relevant content and share it on different groups. According to study by HubSpot, Linkedin is one of the most preferred social medium for lead generation.


  1. Develop strategic partnerships

Identify the list of businesses that serve the same audience as yours and develop strategic partnership with them wherein you will promote their product and they will promote yours.


  1. Add a call-to-action button on your Facebook Business Page

A clear call-to-action button like the one shown below (Sign-Up) takes 3 seconds or less to get noticed. Use this CTA button to drive traffic to a landing page that requires an email address for access.


  1. Answer questions on Quora

Quora is a powerful tool to build your email list. It allows you to create back-links to your site or landing page. Thus answering relevant questions will help you collect right lead.


  1. Direct slide share traffic to your landing page

Slide share gets 60 million visitors per month. Your website and blog does not. This reason should be enough to include CTA buttons to your content on slide share that will direct viewers to your landing page.


  1. Host a limited-time contest

Running a contest on social media can be a fun way to generate leads and build platforms. After all, who does not love winning the contests? There are a variety of platforms to launch and track contests with ease across multiple social networks like Hoot suite and Woobox.

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